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So, you are convinced of the benefits of Twitter, but do you know how to take your tweeting to the next level?  Whether you are managing an organisational Twitter account or just tweeting for fun, TweetDeck can help you make the most of your time online.  Follow these 3 steps to get started with TweetDeck and soon you’ll be tweeting like a pro!

#1 Manage multiple accounts from one place

If you have more than one Twitter account, TweetDeck is a must!  Once you have logged in using your default account (preferably not a shared account), you can add your other profiles by clicking Accounts in the navigation bar.  You can also give colleagues access to an account by creating a TweetDeck team.


Click Accounts to add another Twitter account

With your different accounts connected in TweetDeck, you can send Tweets (or retweet) from any or all of them without having to repeatedly login and out.  Just click the New Tweet button (or retweet icon) and select which accounts you want to Tweet from. But be careful not to send personal messages from your work account!

#2 Get organised with columns

One of the main benefits of TweetDeck is that you can have a lot of information on the screen at one time.  The TweetDeck window is made up of various columns and you can add more by clicking + Add column on the navigation bar.  You can choose from a range of column types including Home, Notifications, Messages and Trending and you can add different columns for each account.


View all the activity around your Twitter accounts by adding columns

The following list outlines what the different column types in TweetDeck will display:

  • Home: The Twitter stream for a particular account
  • Search: Tweets containing a specified search term or hashtag
  • Notifications: Mentions, replies, retweets, likes and new followers for a Twitter account
  • Followers: Followers of a Twitter account
  • Mentions: Mentions and replies for an account
  • Messages: Direct Messages for a specific account
  • Mentions (all accounts): Mentions and replies for all connected Twitter accounts
  • Messages (all accounts): Direct Messages for all connected Twitter accounts
  • Activity: Activity related to your timeline, such as the Tweets that people you follow have liked
  • User: All the Tweets from a particular person or account
  • Likes: The Tweets you have liked
  • Trending: Tweets containing hashtags, words or phrases that are trending
  • Lists: Tweets from accounts in a specific Twitter list
  • Collections: Tweets that have been added to a collection
  • Scheduled: Tweets you have scheduled to be posted later

#3 Manage your time with scheduling

Another way that TweetDeck can make your Twitter life easier is by allowing you to schedule Tweets in advance.  This means you can still be tweeting even if you are stuck in meetings all day!  You can also use it to spread your Tweets out throughout the week and across your different accounts.  The following short video will show you how:

Make sure that you add a Scheduled column (see above) so that you can keep track of your scheduled Tweets and edit or delete them, if necessary.

You will find more information on getting started with TweetDeck at Twitter’s Help Center or share your own tips in the comments!


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