Social media tips for students

Social media is a great way of staying in touch and keeping up with what’s going on, but it can sometimes be used to cause offence or embarrassment.  At Queen’s, we want our students to get the most out of sites like Facebook and Twitter and avoid making blunders that could impact on their personal safety, studies or future career.  We also want ALL our students to feel welcome and safe here and not to feel threatened or intimidated by comments posted online.

Our social media tips will help you to use social media in a way that is enjoyable and positive for all.

Tips for using social media

  • Don’t get distracted – getting your assignment in on time is more important than getting to the next level on Candy Crush Saga!
  • Be nice – don’t post anything that others may find offensive or embarrassing, even if you’re using anonymous apps.
  • Ask first – get permission before sharing images of others or materials protected by copyright.
  • Protect your online reputation – don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want a future employer to see.
  • Avoid TMI – don’t share personal details or let everyone know where you are going at the weekend or that your flat is going to be empty for two weeks.
  • Check your privacy settings – but remember that there’s no such thing as an entirely private site and anything you post online can become public and may be about for years to come!

Don’t forget to follow @SocialMediaQUB on Twitter and check out the Social Media Guide for Students for more information on how to CONNECT, RESPECT and PROTECT!



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